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UnRomantic Getaway: Part Two

29 min 5.27K Views HD 14 days ago

As the guys settle into the cabin on their “friends vaca,” a hunky caretaker is the catalyst that opens old wounds for Spencer Locke. He and ex, Asher Haynes get into a spicy argument as a result, and the entire drama sends Locke into a lusty twink tryst with beautiful blond, Aaron Roberts. Spencer gets his grade A groin spit shined, before bending blondie over and tongue blasting that hot, hairless behind.

Then, Roberts receives a righteous ramming! Spencer smashes the pro-bottom’s butt like a beast. He barrels through that ass like a warm knife through butter, dicking the lil' dude down, as spit trickles down his peaches and cream twink taint.